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Residential property management is a key area of Jon Hartley & Associates' business. Jon Hartley and his staff have been managing residential properties (leasehold & freehold) in the Oxfordshire region since the late 1980's and have developed a wealth of experience in this area. The firm manages a variety of blocks of flats and residential properties within the Oxford area comprising of over 200 individual units, the largest of which contains 81 units.

Jon Hartley & Associate's building surveying expertise enables our Property Management Department to provide additional services to the flat owners such as building surveying advice free of charge. The use of our building surveying services by our existing management properties has proved to be beneficial and cost effective in identifying and treating building defects without the need of employing external consultants. On newly built properties we are able to provide expertise on the satisfactory completion of outstanding snagging items which may be present together with consultations and dealings with the relevant Council office with regard to adoptions of roads etc. on the estates.

JHA Oxford Property Management ServicesJHA Oxford Property Management ServicesJHA Oxford Property Management Services

The management duties that we provide include the following:-

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